Community Pharmacy Consultation

Closed 20 Aug 2019

Opened 23 Jul 2019


The local community pharmacy - also known as the ‘chemist’ - is central to meeting people’s healthcare needs by providing prescription medicines, but also offering services and advice to many people in the population.

The Department of Health and Social Care is reviewing the services provided by community pharmacies on the island. We are interested in understanding how people use our pharmacies and if there are any unmet needs in our population.

Why We Are Consulting

The Department of Health and Social Care has a strategy to provide more services closer to people’s homes and at convenient time for them.

Services provided by community pharmacies have expanded in many other countries and pharmacies can meet many people’s healthcare needs without the requirement for an appointment.

We want to take the population’s opinion on how they would like to use their pharmacy in the future; for example, if the DHSC were to fund extra services within pharmacies we want to ensure they are properly used and appropriate for our Island’s needs.

What Happens Next

The results will be processed and provided to the DHSC to consider the future funding and choices for services in community pharmacy.

A summary of the results will be made available to the public on the Isle of  Man pharmacy pages.



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