Sexual Offences and Obscene Publications Bill

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Closes 4 Feb 2019


Our current laws regarding sexual offences have not been updated since 2006. The Chief Constable has pointed out gaps in the provision of services to victims. With the increasing use of the internet to distribute images, the new legislation will better protect those who may be at risk.

This consultation seeks your views and opinions in relation to exploitative sexual activity and addresses the Programme for Government commitment to ensuring we live our lives safe from crime or danger.

In the consultation:

  • sexual offences are defined as intentional touching of a sexual nature, including rape, exposure, voyeurism, sexual activity with a relative, or administering a substance with the intent to commit a sexual offence
  • obscene publications includes the possession or production of illegal images/pictures/video of adults or children in sexualised ways

Going through the Bill, there are a number of areas where we are keen to gauge your views on a number of identified themes.

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