Active Travel to work survey

Closed 15 Apr 2022

Opened 28 Mar 2022

Feedback updated 16 May 2022

We asked

This consultation sought views on how people travel to and from work and if they had any feedback on Active Travel Week which was to raise awareness of active travel and encourage people to leave the car at home particularly for short journeys.

You said

The consultation received 156 responses of which 54% were men, 41% were women, <1% non-binary/3rd gender and 4.5% preferred not to say.

Respondents felt the week was poorly promoted. There is no perceived change to facilities or infrastructure despite numerous surveys being completed. Active Travel was only applicable in Douglas and not suitable for people with children or the elderly. There is some confusion between active travel and public transport i.e. not using the car. There is no parking for adapted cycles and not enough bike parking generally or facilities in offices.

We did

The Active Travel Team would like to thank all those who have responded to the consultation survey.

The responses are valued and will be used to shape the new Active Travel Strategy and part of the phase 2 action plan to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Results updated 16 May 2022



This survey gives you the opportunity to express your views on active travel to work, including the barriers you may encounter when making active journeys and your views on the Active Travel Week campaign.

Why your views matter

Active Travel Week (28 March – 2 April) encouraged people to think about how they commute to work and to consider adapting their routine to switch from motorised transport to more active methods.  We would like to find out more about people’s existing commuting habits, and whether this campaign was successful in inspiring them to make a change, as well as giving feedback on the structure of the campaign itself.  This information will be used to inform future projects.


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