Marine Drive Road Closure Proposal

Closed 6 Apr 2021

Opened 23 Feb 2021

Feedback updated 4 May 2022

We asked

People for their views on the proposed closure of Marine Drive to motor vehicles, allowing access for only pedestrians and cyclists.

You said

In total 638 responses were received. 68% of the responses were against the proposed closure, 30% were in favour of the closure and the remaining 2% offered general thoughts and comments but did not state whether they were for or against the closure.


Out of the total submissions, 33% of responses felt that the elderly and those who are disabled or limited mobility would be denied access if Marine Drive closed the full length.


25% of responses stated that the proposed closure would result in a severe lack of parking at either end of the closure.


17% of responses believed that the road should not be closed, and resurfacing and other maintenance works would be preferable.


10% of responses felt that a speed limit or other traffic calming measures would be better than a full closure.


A number of other ideas were raised by a small number of submissions. These were:

  • Horse riders enquired if Marine Drive would be also able to be used by themselves in conjunction with pedestrians and cyclists. With the gates made to be equestrian friendly.
  • A ‘Dark Skies’ site is located at the Little Ness car park. People felt that retaining access to this site would be beneficial, full closure of Marine Drive would restrict access to the site.
  • A number of submissions proposed extending the current closure, rather than a full closure. This will leave sufficient parking at either end, enable access to the Dark Skies site.

We did

Following the public consultation and a review of the options, the Minister has decided that there will be no change to the status of the road in respect of traffic regulation.


The Isle of Man Government is committed to the health and wellbeing of the Island’s residents creating an enjoyable place to live, grow, work and play. To support its desire to encourage people to exercise more and actively travel, the Department is proposing to permanently close Marine Drive in Douglas to motor vehicles, allowing access only for pedestrians and cyclists. This will be an addition to the existing network of active travel leisure routes. It will enable pedestrians and cyclists to exercise along one the Island’s most scenic and picturesque stretches of road, free from concerns about motorised vehicles.   

Please see the map showing the proposed road closure in the ‘Related’ section below. 

Why your views matter

The Department is interested in the views of members of the public regarding its draft proposal and would welcome written submissions. If you wish to submit your views on the proposal, you are invited to respond:

By email:

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Oliver McGowan
Research and Analysis Officer,
Highway Services Division,
Department of Infrastructure,
Sea Terminal,


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