Proposed Port Erin (Boundary Extension) Order 2018

Closed 28 Sep 2018

Opened 3 Aug 2018


Port Erin Village Commissioners have made an application to the Department of Infrastructure for an Order under Section 6 of the Local Government Act 1985 seeking to adjust the boundaries between the districts of Rushen and Port Erin so as to move the entire residential estate at Ballakilley into Port Erin. The land sought to be moved is at present part of the parish of Rushen.

As part of the process for considering the application, legislation requires that a public inquiry be held. This will give stakeholders and interested parties an opportunity to comment on the proposals.

After the inquiry, the Department will consider the Chairperson’s report which may or may not recommend that an Order be made to adjust the boundaries between the districts of Rushen and Port Erin. Should the Department determine that an Order is made the Order would be subject to the approval of Tynwald. 

Why We Are Consulting

In 2004, Tynwald considered a report from the Council of Ministers titled ‘Local Government Boundary Extensions: Guidelines on Procedure’ which stipulates that 'Public Notices shall be placed in the local press inviting submissions from interested members of the public'. Please be advised that any submissions made in response to the public notices will be forwarded to the inquiry Chairperson, once appointed, after which an inquiry date will then be set.  

Set out within this same report are the criteria for the consideration of local government boundary extensions. When making the application, Port Erin Village Commissioners provided detail in relation to each of these criteria which is available to download from this site. You can focus your response in relation to these criteria or simply advise of any other factors which you feel relevant to be considered in determining the application.

What Happens Next

All views received (including any of your personal data that you supply to us) will be passed to the Chairperson of the public inquiry to assist with the determination of inquiry matters.


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  • Homeowners
  • Leaseholders/ landowners
  • All residents


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