Consultation on the use of medicines and alternative non-medical therapies in chronic pain

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Closes 6 Mar 2023


How long have you been experiencing pain?
Do you feel that your pain (or that of someone you care for) is being well managed and you are able to cope?
What is most important to you (or to someone you care for) who is experiencing long term pain?
Which services and support were are made available to you (or someone you care for)? Please indicate which you accepted and which you rejected

The options marked with an asterisk (*) have have a more detailed explanation by expanding the link below.  

Services and support explanation

Did you have to wait to access services and support?
If you had to wait to access a service or support, how long was the wait?
Are you taking a painkiller for your pain?
If you are taking a pain killer for your pain, how long have you been taking it?
Were you given the right support and encouragement to stop taking medication, when you or someone you care for wanted to stop?
What other services and support would you like to have benefited from?