Women’s Health Strategy Consultation

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Closes 20 Oct 2023

About you

We ask certain questions to help make sure that policy-making is representative and to understand how it may affect certain groups. Please do not identify anyone else in your answers to any questions during this survey if they have not given permission for you to do so.

Please answer to the below questions as yourself if you are answering as a health or care professional, or are sharing your own experience. If you are answering on behalf of someone else, please enter the details of the person you have in mind.

This survey is open to individuals aged 16 years and over on the Isle of Man only.

1. Are you responding as an individual or an organisation?
2. Which area of the Island are you answering from?

Island's map divided into NSWE areas

Isle of Man map with areas divided into north, south, west, east

3. In what capacity are you responding to this survey?
4. What is your age?
5. What is your sex?
6. Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?
7. What is your ethnicity? Choose one option that best describes your ethnic group or background:
8. May we publish your response?

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details and your rights.

More information

  • Publish in full – your first name and surname, organisation name, along with full answers will be published on the hub (your email will not be published) 
  • Publish anonymously – only your responses will be published on the hub (your name, organisation and email will not be published) 
  • Do not publish – nothing will be published publically on the hub (your response will only be part of a larger summary response document)