What will care cost YOU?

Closed 12 Jan 2024

Opened 10 Nov 2023


The Island’s population is aging and the cost of caring for an older society is increasing. We know that people worry about the cost of care. Care will become unaffordable if we don’t change how the system works and we need to find a fairer way of paying for it.

This consultation introduces two alternative options of paying for care.

Both options being considered increase Government’s contribution towards the cost of care. This would allow those receiving care to pay a lower proportion of their cost of care when they receive it and therefore, would enable them to keep more of their income and savings.

However, if Government pays more, the cost will fall to society so people will pay for it throughout their life instead.

Why your views matter

This consultation gives you the opportunity to say if you think care should be paid for by the people who need it when they need it or if you think that Government should pay more.

The Government is seeking your feedback on which model you think would provide a better way of paying for care in the future.

Watch this video to learn more about the current system and the two potential new options.


PDF transcript of The Care Conundrum animated video

Word transcript of The Care Conundrum animated video

Previous consultation about paying for care

Initial work was carried out in 2018. The Government reviewed some of the different ways that other countries pay for care and outlined six possible funding options for residential and nursing care that they thought could work for the island.

Tynwald have narrowed down these options and asked the team to explore two of them in more detail. These are the two options presented for your feedback in this consultation.

Responding to this consultation

You can respond to this consultation online by clicking on the 'Online Survey' link below. Alternatively, a simplified survey is also available for download on the 'Related' section below and the completed survey can be emailed to healthandcaretransformation@gov.im or posted to:

Nursing, Residential and Care Home Consultation Team
Health and Care Transformation Programme
2nd Floor Prospect House,
Prospect Hill,
Isle of Man

Please contact us via email at healthandcaretransformation@gov.im or call us on +44 1624 693859 if you would like a large print version of the consultation.

What happens next

The results of the survey will be analysed alongside the results from wider consultation activities (e.g. face-to-face sessions and hard copy short questionnaires). We will look for recurring themes and opinions and we will pull together a summary of results into a report.

The key findings will be shared on the Consultation hub so that those who have completed the survey can see these.

The feedback will also help to inform the next stage of design for the two models and will be written into a final report which will also be made public.

Tynwald will make the final decision regarding which model (if any) they would like to introduce.


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