What will care cost YOU?

Closes 12 Jan 2024

Key points to note before completing the survey

When we use the word ‘care’ this relates to ‘personal care’ which is activities such as administering medicine, washing and dressing, if people cannot do this themselves. 'Personal Care’ does not include other types of support such as shopping or cleaning.

The costs referenced in the model descriptions do not include the full cost of providing care. They cover the cost to Government of paying towards care home fees and of providing care at home to those on Income Support. They do not include costs such as the hidden costs of being a carer (e.g. increased utility bills, lost income, etc) nor additional costs to Government (e.g. the cost of other benefits for carers or people who need care and the costs to Manx Care of running residential care homes). 

What happens next

We will use the feedback we receive in the consultation to inform the proposals for the future model and we will update Tynwald on what you tell us, so that they are aware of your priorities and concerns when they consider the proposed future model.

Depending on the option chosen, the way that care is provided might need to change. We will work with other parts of Government and care providers on this.

If you want to know more

If you would like to learn more or if you have any questions, please email healthandcaretransformation@gov.im