Education (Amendment) Bill

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Closes 10 May 2024

Minister’s Foreword

I am pleased to present the Department of Education, Sport and Culture’s Education (Amendment) Bill consultation, which seeks the views of the public and key stakeholders on proposed policy principles for education. The responses to this consultation will enable drafting instructions to be progressed to ensure it supports our Island's vision for the future.

This consultation document directly supports the Isle of Man Government’s vision of building a secure, vibrant and sustainable future for our Island, by setting out a bold ambition to create and deliver lifelong learning and development opportunities for all.

The consultation highlights the work and the priorities currently identified, bridging and modernizing current legislative gaps on issues including Additional Educational Needs; education tribunals; emergency closure of schools; religious education; governing bodies; home education; admissions; catchment; and children who are looked after.

The Department is committed to an inclusive approach to education in which schools provide an inclusive and welcoming learning environment that values diversity, fosters belonging, and ensures that every student can achieve their full potential. 

Through this Bill, the Department aims to outline a framework for supporting inclusive education, whereby arrangements are put in place to allow all children and young people to access education.

I remain committed to ensuring openness, transparency and collaboration with a focus on creating a self-sustaining environment within which, all concerned can continue to improve and develop, enabling all learners to be part of a community that drives change and embraces new ways of working.

Hon Daphne Caine MHK

Minister for Education, Sport and Culture