Area Plan for the North and West- Call For Sites

Closed 28 Feb 2020

Opened 31 May 2019

Feedback updated 14 Sep 2020

We asked

For your thoughts on sites or areas of land that should be considered for a particular land use ahead of the publication of the Preliminary Publicity stage for the Area Plan for the North and West. 

You said

CO received 166 submissions suggesting 167 sites; 110 in the north, 57 in the west.  75% of the sites proposed were for predominantly residential use.

We did

All sites have been digitally plotted and will be used as base evidence in the drafting of the Preliminary Publicity documents in line with Schedule 1 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1999. A public notice will announce the start of this process in due course.


Call For Sites

As part of the preparations for the Area Plan for the North and West the Cabinet Office is undertaking a ‘Call for Sites’ for land within:

Ballaugh, Jurby, Andreas, Bride, Lezayre, Ramsey, Maughold, Patrick, German, Michael, Peel. 

The Department invites developers, landowners, local authorities, government Departments, Statutory Boards and others to identify any sites which they wish the Department to consider allocating for a particular purpose in the new Area Plan.

The Call for Sites forms part of an early engagement activity offering the opportunity to suggest sites for development consideration or particular uses within the North and West.

A Call for Sites Explanatory Note can be found in the Related section below. This note is intended to provide an overview of the stages involved in preparing an Area Plan and information regarding the Call for Sites process. A map of the geographical scope of the North and West Plan and draft settlement boundaries are also available.

Why your views matter

The Call for Sites will help the Cabinet Office identify potential sites that can be assessed for housing, employment and other types of development ahead of the first formal stage of the plan process: the Preliminary Publicity stage.

What happens next

All sites suggested through the Call for Sites will be assessed using  a Site Assessment Framework and will form part of the evidence base moving forward in drafting the Area Plan for the North and West. The Call for Sites Forms and the Site Assessments will be published online at the Planning Policy website in due course.


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