Public Consultation to inform the work of the Electoral Commission

Closed 28 Jul 2023

Opened 23 May 2023


An Electoral Commission for the Isle of Man has been appointed and tasked to report to Tynwald by March 2024 about a series of matters. This includes a review of the number and boundaries of constituencies (which includes the number of seats per constituency.) In addition, the Electoral Commission is required to consider:

  • Accessibility of elections to voters
  • Postal and Proxy voting procedures
  • The ability to vote in any polling station in a constituency
  • Feasibility of one or more ‘all-island polling stations'
  • Candidate campaign materials
  • The organisation of pre-election meetings

Why your views matter

The Commission is seeking for representations from the public that may give commentary, views, concerns, highlight areas of excellence, learning or other opportunities in order to provide helpful data and evidence to inform the final report. The Commission would benefit from hearing from as many people as possible and any participation would be much appreciated. 



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